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Hi. I am Rand Kuenzi I’m a Swiss-Norwegian Fabrication Enthusiast, Crafter, and Un-Documented Engineer. US Air Force Veteran, Husband, Father, and Crusader for Truth. I grew up on a Dairy Farm near New Glarus, Wisconsin and was surrounded by crafty people. My Mom and Grandmom sewed often as a way of either gifting, self expression, or pinching pennies. I learned how to sew when daughter #1 was in Middle School Home Economics class and had to sew a tote bag. I love fabrications for the Art and the Science. Welcome to Kuenzi Fabrications.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The $2 Craft Show

The US custom handbag entrepreneur must have "loins of steel," to paraphrase Sean Connery. Why? Because there may be a few unintentional non-profit craft shows (as I had yesterday in Williamsburg, Virginia) where for one reason or another NOTHING SELLS. Well, not exactly nothing sold. My wife recommended I make bookmarks out of scrap material so as to "honor the environment" and I actually sold three (3) bookmarks for customer named price of $2. So, after paying $40 registration fee and driving 2.5 hours south of DC to Williamsburg (and you KNOW the price of gas), a couple of cheap breakfast meals and a large coffee followed by a light dinner before returning and yesterday's SILVER LINING is five-fold: 1) I had a wonderful day alone with my eldest daughter, 2) We met a bunch of nice people including vendors, 3) We learned a lesson or two about EVENT COORDINATION and MANAGEMENT (including one thing NOT to do), 4) We garnered lots of compliments on the Styling and Quality of our Products, and 5) Enjoyed an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day in one of Virginia's nicest towns. So, all told, yesterday was a Financial Loss but a Personal Gain with likely long term Business Dividends. I suppose you are wondering what NOT to do if you are coordinating events? Hmmm. I am NOT going to tell you in this post but check back soon for a post on the topic "Lessons Learned about Craft Show/Event Management." Oh, and the best part of yesterday's show was the opportunity to meet and support US Veterans and their families which is ALWAYS A WIN!

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