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Hi. I am Rand Kuenzi I’m a Swiss-Norwegian Fabrication Enthusiast, Crafter, and Un-Documented Engineer. US Air Force Veteran, Husband, Father, and Crusader for Truth. I grew up on a Dairy Farm near New Glarus, Wisconsin and was surrounded by crafty people. My Mom and Grandmom sewed often as a way of either gifting, self expression, or pinching pennies. I learned how to sew when daughter #1 was in Middle School Home Economics class and had to sew a tote bag. I love fabrications for the Art and the Science. Welcome to Kuenzi Fabrications.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Next Teaching Opportunity

My Next Teaching Opportunity is at JERRY's Sewing on Pontiac Drive in Janesville, Wisconsin on Saturday, September 22nd. Looking forward to a very successful class on 4-Panel, *Firm-Bottom Pet Screen Pet Screen Totes

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Soft-Side, Firm Bottom (Mini) Travel Totes

I had the privilege of teaching/mentoring a Soft-Side, Firm Bottom Shaving Kits or Cosmetic Case Class this past Saturday at Jerry's Sewing shop in Janesville, Wisconsin. Thanks to the Ladies at Jerry's for their hospitality and preparation for the event. All attendees went home with beautiful, stylish, and unique projects. Styles for Soft-Side, Firm Bottom Travel Totes are almost limitless. Here are a few examples. I even wrote instructions for this project.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kuenzi Fab Firm Bottom PET SCREEN Totes

I took an instructional class at Jerry's Sewing shop in Janesville, Wisconsin one Saturday morning a few weeks ago. Result of that class was a new twist on my very own design--"Firm Bottom Totes"--"Firm Bottom Pet Screen Totes." Enjoy a few pictures of my new projects--all spoken for so you would have to send me an order. :o)