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Hi. I am Rand Kuenzi I’m a Swiss-Norwegian Fabrication Enthusiast, Crafter, and Un-Documented Engineer. US Air Force Veteran, Husband, Father, and Crusader for Truth. I grew up on a Dairy Farm near New Glarus, Wisconsin and was surrounded by crafty people. My Mom and Grandmom sewed often as a way of either gifting, self expression, or pinching pennies. I learned how to sew when daughter #1 was in Middle School Home Economics class and had to sew a tote bag. I love fabrications for the Art and the Science. Welcome to Kuenzi Fabrications.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kuenzi Fab Firm Bottom PET SCREEN Totes

I took an instructional class at Jerry's Sewing shop in Janesville, Wisconsin one Saturday morning a few weeks ago. Result of that class was a new twist on my very own design--"Firm Bottom Totes"--"Firm Bottom Pet Screen Totes." Enjoy a few pictures of my new projects--all spoken for so you would have to send me an order. :o)